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My office is a Windows environment, but I have just set up a linux (lubuntu 12.10) machine for me to develop on since I cannot access the command line in Windows.

I have set up the LAMP stack on the machine (which I've done numerous times before without fail), but I cannot access localhost, I get a connection refused error.

In order to use the internet on the machine I've had to add our proxy details to /etc/environment - the internet works fine.

If I get rid of the proxy settings, I can then access localhost, but that of course means I cannot get on the internet.

So how do I access localhost with a proxy enabled?

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I've not tried it, but a quick google suggests that you can set

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Thanks, I just solved this myself and was about to post an answer - you beat me to it. – Robin Mar 13 '13 at 12:09

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