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I installed gearman-job-server on my Linux server, and started the job server with mysql persistent queue on port 7003. Then I downloaded Gearman-Monitor and run it on an apache server, trying to monitor the status of the gearman server.

But when I visit Gearman-Monitor's index page, it says "Could not connect to: 7003". I seached on google but there's no clues. Could you please give some hints about this? Thanks.

Here's the PARAMS in /etc/init.d/gearman-job-server:

PARAMS="--port=7003 --queue-type=MySQL --mysql-host= --mysql-port=3306 --mysql-user=gearman --mysql-password=123456 --mysql-db=gearman --mysql-table=gearman_queue"
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You should do some configurations in _config.php:

$cfgServers[$i]['address'] = '';
$cfgServers[$i]['name'] = 'Gearman';
++ $i;
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