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What are the options I have to mount network file shares to a Chromebook running stock Chrome OS with developer mode?

I noticed /proc/filesystems doesn't contain nfs but it has fuse.

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After a bit of poking around I figured this out (must have sshd running on the remote box):

[as chronos user]

cd ~/Downloads
sshfs user@ local_folder/

Change 'remote_folder' 'local_folder' to real folder names and the remote files in remote_folder should appear in the local Downloads/local_folder/ directory.

Then to unmount the remote directory:

fusermount -u tmp/

Easy peasy...

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Did you have to install sshfs on the chromebook? After enabling developer mode and switching to the dev shell, I don't see sshfs installed by default. I know I can easily install it in a chroot (like crouton) but you specifically said "as chronos user" which makes me think there must be another way. Note this is a Pixel with developer mode enabled, but using the Stable channel. I wonder if more tools come with a Beta or Developer channel build? – Sk606 Feb 5 '14 at 2:01
@Sk606: You need to install the developer packages first:… – schibum Feb 10 '14 at 12:37

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