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I use Putty and SecureCRT to connect to a Linux server.

The following keyboard commands work out of the box with Putty:

  • Alt-b or Alt-← : move backward one word
  • Alt-f or Alt-→ : move forward one word

However, with SecureCRT, Alt-← and Alt-→ have no effect.

It seems like I have two options to make this work with SecureCRT:

  • Map Alt-← to Alt-b in SecureCRT settings
  • Do the same kind of mapping in my ~/.inputrc

Either way, I am completely lost, because I don't know the string or escape sequence correponding to Alt-b

How should I proceed ?

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Check the "Use Alt as meta key" checkbox for the session, found in Options -> Session Options -> Terminal -> Emulation -> Emacs.

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