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I have been having huge trouble trying to solve this issue and I need your help!

Issue: When I open IE8 (32 bit), IE window comes up then closes within half a second. Sometimes, it opens and stays up but in (Not responding) state for a minute, then closes.

I have dug around the internet to try the following:

  • Reset IE setting to default via Internet Settings
  • Run IE in no-addon mode
  • Uninstall/reinstall IE8
  • Run Spybot to clean malwares
  • Install IE9, which ended up having same problem as IE8

and the problem still persists.

I am able to run Chrome, Firefox, IE8/9 (64 bit) with no problem.

Is there any other thing that I could try?

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Just as I posted the question, I browsed some more for the answer.

One I came across is:

Method 1 and 2 I've already tried but method 3, which re-registers all the necessary files for IE, worked!

Thank goodness.. I think that is the only page which contained the answer I needed, seriously!

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