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Is there any scripts or tools that can automatically remember and write down the path I am? I asked because, when I was remote accessing my campus cluster via ssh last night, they will log me out every eight hours if I did nothing. I hope when I log in back again this morning, I would be in the folder where I was last night. Thanks

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You can use screen tool (to create a session do: screen -S myscreen) and have the session alive even if you are forced to disconnect. So when you login next time, you can do screen -r or screen -x to connect back to your session.

Unless you reboot the system or exit manually, the screen session will be active.

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If the server has GNU Screen, use it. Also, there are sometimes environment variables that can be set or unset to prevent automatic logouts, depending on how your server is setup. I am in a tcsh and have this in my ~/.cshrc:

unset autologout 
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