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I have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000. Between the SpaceAlt Gr and MenuCtrl keys, I have a key with 3 application windows drawn on it, and which displays a 3D overlay of all open windows and cycle through them (under windows).

The thing is I have gone for Linux for several months now. And now I have this unused key at this useful place.

I would like to map it to something else, but when I launch xev, that key, precisely only this one, keeps silent. No X Window event, so impossible to get the keycode, and to remap it.

Do you know if I can do something so as X Window tracks events of this MS specific key ?

I have looked at Key is not detected in xev neither showkey -k in Ubuntu 10.04 in a Virtualbox VM indicating to try dmesg|tail -5 after using the key. But I have no message related.

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1… might be useful to look at, I was trying a bunch of stuff to try to work out what some unknown keys were. Might give some ideas on what to try. – Journeyman Geek Mar 14 '13 at 9:57

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