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How can I get a full list of saved auto-complete entries for a specific textbox name in ?

Pressing the key with the textbox focused, gives me 6 random entries.

Typing s gives me another 6 entries - this time beginning with s.

But how can I get the full list? It's for my own PC, so I have admin rights - nothing underhand going on.

It is, however, on a domain which I do not own.

I do use the Sign-in feature of Chrome, if that makes any difference.

The text box in question is:

<input type="search" class="inputbox" name="q">
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  1. Download and run SQLite Database Browser

  2. Close Chrome (or copy the file to another location and open that)

  3. Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Web Data with the db browser

  4. Browse Data

  5. Table: autofill

Alternatively, to get the autofill entries for a specific input name, click Execute SQL and execute this:

select *
from autofill
where name = 'q'
order by value asc
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