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How to make an iso image in Ubuntu 12.04 linux that booted from live usb?

The normal way as I understand is to use dd:

umount /dev/cdrom
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/media/EOS_DIGITAL/snow_leopard_cd_bydd

However, /cdrom in live usb doesn't refer to optical drive, so is there a way to make an iso image of the CD drive using dd? What should I put in dd then?

I have found that it mounted in on /dev/sr0, but will dd produce a proper iso image if I use /dev/sr0 instead of /dev/cdrom?

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Yes, /dev/sr* should be the same as /dev/cdrom. /dev/cdrom is often a symbolic link to the appropriate subsystem's device name.

More technical information on the cdrom driver here. More on device drivers here.

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Try using the unetbootin tool (apt-get install unetbootin).

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