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I don't want dropbox remembering my logon password. It should have to be typed every time I log into it. I don't see where to "do not remember me." Is this possible?

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Are you talking about the web application or the desktop client? In the latter case, please add the appropriate operating system tag to your question. – Oliver Salzburg Mar 14 '13 at 15:50
@OliverSalzburg "When it starts up" sounds like it's the desktop software. – Daniel Beck Mar 14 '13 at 15:57

it saves your credential information. To "forget" your account on your machine -- right click the Dropbox icon in the task tray --> Preferences --? Account --> Unlink This Computer.

Then exit dropbox (right click --> Exit) then relaunch the app and it should be like when it was first installed (Do you have an account? Y/N - wizard setup).

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Dropbox assumes you sync it with your own computer. In this case you can simply password-protect your computer/system account and change Dropbox folder permissions.

If you're using Dropbox on a public computer then I don't know why you'd want to sync entire Dropbox. You can simply download the files you need through their website and it won't remember you.

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