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I'm trying to configure email router in dynamics CRM 2011

so, Could anyone explain me how to turn an outgoing profile there as well, please? ;)

I wonder with the follow setting:

Accsess credentials

there is a listbox, where you can choose an Other Specifed or an User Specifed value

The first one didn't work on my side cos I got an error: "An error occurred while processing the outgoing e-mail message for ExchangeOnline: The access credentials that you have specified have insufficient delegate permissions to send the e-mail message. Contact your Microsoft Exchange administrator to grant the required permissions".

So, I'm interested how to use the second one!?

I've found in docs that if I gonna you User Specifed then I should create an outgoing profile for each user, however I could find how to do it? Did anyone have the same issue?

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I think that for deployment you can set only one outgoing profile. In my case, for outgoing profile I'm using 'Other specified' access credentials. Here I set an administrator account. Also I've checked 'Send as permission'. Just note that this account must be granted 'Send As' permission. On this link you can find more details.

Also be careful with certificates. They were mostly the cause of my troubles.

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thanks, eventially solved by granting 'Send As' permissions to the account – Leo Mar 20 '13 at 7:20

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