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I am trying to get the Sublime Text 2 command "subl" to work in Terminal but I am having trouble.

I keep getting a "command not found" after it already told me that the file existed. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my code:

$ sudo ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" /usr/local/bin/subl

ln: /usr/bin/subl: File exists 

$ subl 

-bash: subl: command not found


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Please post the results of ls -l /usr/bin/subl and file /usr/bin/subl. – terdon Mar 14 '13 at 18:24
Are you linking to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin/? – terdon Mar 14 '13 at 18:34

Make sure the file is executable

Check the output of ls -l ~/Applications/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text and make sure the file is executable.

You can just run chmod +x ~/Applications/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text to ensure it is.

Check your path

Run echo $PATH and make sure that /usr/local/bin is in there. It's probably not, so add it

Start over

Alternatively, you can just start over. rm /usr/local/bin/subl to remove it. If this fails due to insufficient permissions, sudo rm /usr/bin/subl instead. You need to enter your password.

Make sure you're actually executing the correct command

The instructions say to run the following command:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" /usr/local/bin/subl

Note that the first argument (the link target) is different from yours. The file you're linking to probably doesn't exist.

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It worked! I basically had to start over. Thank you for your suggestions – J Twitts Mar 14 '13 at 19:16
@JTwitts If an answer answers your question, please accept it by clicking the check mark next to it. This will indicate to others that your question is answered. – Daniel Beck Mar 14 '13 at 19:16

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