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I get this error from PAM using mysql with vsftpd:

PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/ /lib/security/ undefined symbol: make_scrambled_password

From what I understand is the problem at least since It seems that the function used in pam called make_scrambled_password is deprecated.

At least I think that is the problem. How can I go about getting around this? I guess I can hack the code (pam_mysql.c) to find a replacement for that function but I'm hoping for a simpler option.

I'm using CentOS.

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With dumb luck I found an rpm with a patch:

I downloaded the source RPM and patched my version of PAM.

patch < pam_mysql-0.7RC1-scrambled.patch

This assumes you are in the Pam source directory where pam_mysql.c exists.

Recompile pam and your set. Phew.

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Tom, sorry for bumping year old thread but does this patch get rid of make_scrambled_password? And how does it work with updates you apply to your system later? – Greg0ry Feb 27 '14 at 9:47

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