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I have a Sony Vaio vpcsc41fm s-series. With its original system installed (Windows 7 Home Premium) the "stamina-speed" switch was working fine to switch between the two cards I have on my laptop: Intel and ATI 6470. Now with Windows 8 installed and I couldn't backup the original driver, the switch is not working. Now I am constantly using ATI 6470 even when I need to use power saving.

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Have you tried the Win8 video drivers from Sony? They also have Power Management software? Not sure what enabled that switch, but updating the drivers would seem like the first thing to try. – ernie Mar 15 '13 at 0:05
sony sucks ... i have this problem since the day i moved to windows 8 ... you'll have to live with it -_- – user1029606 May 23 '13 at 6:36

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