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I have a server with several screens running, each with their own node server listing to different ports. I'd like to create Jenkins jobs to ssh into the box, reattach a specific screen, stop the process, pull from git, restart the app, and detach the screen. Can you 'stuff' a Ctrl+C into a screen? Thinking something along the lines of:

ssh myuser@myserver "screen -S 1234.myscreen -X stuff '[[Ctrl+C]] && git pull origin master && npm install && node app' [[Detach screen]]"
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Ctrl+C sends a SIGINT. So if you can determine the PID of the process you want to signal, you can do kill -INT pid before the git pull, or killall -INT processname if you want to stop them all, assuming your killall does not behave like killall5.

As for scripting the detachment of a screen session, I've no idea. Perhaps someone else can help you there.

EDIT: It just occured to me that you don't need to script the detachment or indeed do anything with screen. Simply execute something like this inside screen:

while sleep 1; do
    ./some_program      # which saves its PID to a pidfile
    git pull

And then you can execute this from outside screen, over ssh:

kill -INT $(cat pidfile)

If your process does not save a pidfile, you can try to use start-stop-daemon to have it do that:

start-stop-daemon --start --exec ./some_program --pidfile pidfile --make-pidfile
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This put me on the right track. I ended up using upstart scripts. – swider Mar 18 '13 at 20:24

The Ctrl+C sequence must be entered as a literal ^C character:
Ctrl+V (allows insertion of a literal character), then Ctrl+C

When the stuff command is used screen doesn't interactively attach the session so it isn't necessary to detach. You may, however, need a carriage return after the last command, entered as a literal:
Ctrl+V Ctrl+M

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