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When I save a file as, OSX thinks it's an applesingle archive and when I open it it tries to unzip it.

Is there a way I can tell OSX that .as files are actionscript and not applesingle archives?

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Right-click or command-click any .as file, choose Get Info , then in the info window that appears, expand the "Open With" section, choose the appropriate program (e.g. FlexBuilder, the Flash authoring tool, or your favorite text editor perhaps!), and then click the "Change All" button. That should do what you want.

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That's what I first tried, but there's a bug, when I click the Change All button it just returns to open with archive utility. – Philippe Mongeau Oct 20 '09 at 23:24
Hmm. Well, it works for me. I was just able to change .as files default command on my system from Dreamwaver to Flash CS3. I'm on Snow Leopard. What are you on - Leopard, Tiger, etc.? – Chris W. Rea Oct 22 '09 at 20:59
I'm on the latest version of Leopard. – Philippe Mongeau Oct 25 '09 at 21:09

next time install the archiver and after try to install Flash, so this way Flash will be the last to modify the file association (this is just an ideea, it might work). Or you can uninstall and re-install Adobe Flash

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