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I've looked around a lot of previous posts about having switchable graphics cards and its benefits.. But I also read a snippet saying that AMD doesnt support it and that there are only a few ways (if any) how to switch them.

If theres a way to do this, pls let me know. Im a noob at hardware so step by step please and thank you!

Some Stats

Processor: AMD A8 3530mx apu with radeon graphics 1.9ghz RAM 8gb 64bit windows 7

And it has crossfirex

Extra notes: When i run amd system monitor, there are two gpu bars: One is radeon hd 6620g, and the other is radeon hd 6470m. However the only one that ever seems to be working is the 6620g while gaming, watching a movie or while on chrome.

Maybe the inactive one is the more powerful one, which I should be using? And if so, would I have to disable crossfire to switch it? Thanks again

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What is the question here? – vonbrand Mar 15 '13 at 5:42
The OP wants to know how to switch the active graphics card on his setup. – Dan D. Mar 15 '13 at 6:18

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