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I have 15,000 email addresses (my customers). Can I invite them all to follow my Twitter page?

This process must not send emails to people that are not already on each service.

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A word of advice: Personally, I'd immediately regret having you given my email address after receiving such an invite. If I'm already your customer and I'm a member of the same social network as you or your company, I'll follow you if I want to. Just make sure your customers will stumble upon the links to your profiles at some time. –  Dennis Mar 15 '13 at 15:47
How do you expect to determine if if they a twitter/facebook/google+ account or not? I have an account to each none of them are connected to one another for good reasons. Sending massive amounts of invites will likely get any future emails blocked and your service accounts with these services blocked. –  Ramhound Mar 15 '13 at 17:40

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You won't be able to do anything on Twitter. The two ways to contact people on Twitter are to either tweet at them, using the syntax @username, or by sending them a private message. You'll likely get flagged and have your account shut down for spam if you write a bot to tweet all of them, and you can only private message people who are already following you.

As for Facebook, I don't believe you can share anything to people who aren't already your friends. Typically the way product/company and fan pages grow on Facebook are viral, with people sending the pages they like to all of their friends, or from links/like buttons on the company's website.

Though we don't know why you don't want to send them emails, I'd just like to comment on something subjectively. Personally, I'd be much more content with a company sending out a single email saying, "Hey, we've opened these social media pages and would really appreciate your support by following/liking them", rather than your divised alternative. It'd be way more of an invasion of privacy to have the company use my email to track me down and message me on multiple social media services than to send me a single email.

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Thanks for the heads up and the perspective. Based on the other question superuser.com/questions/566516/… I will try to narrow down the list people that use any social service and then send emails like you said. I hate to send batch emails that have no relevance to the recipient. –  Full Decent Mar 15 '13 at 15:48

None of those websites should be validating email addresses. It would be a serious privacy violation if they were found to be doing this. Spammers want to validate email addresses and providing this would not be good.

Assuming you have a valid opt-in email list I think sending them an email asking them to follow various social network feeds and allowing the customer to self-select which networks to use would be fine.

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