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OK, I have an Apache server running on XAMPP, and I have generated my CSR and some fake certificates. I went to Thawte's website and got an SSL trial and they emailed me back with all these other certificate code, but what do I do with them (The email is below)?

This certificate is valid for 21 days, and will give you an
opportunity to experience the installation process as well as
determine your required server configuration.


Your Thawte trial SSL certificate:
(Certificate data)


Important installation instructions

For the trial SSL certificate to provide the same user
experience as a trusted certificate, the Thawte Trial Secure
Server Intermediate CA and the Thawte Test CA Root certificate
must also be installed:

Thawte Trial Secure Server Intermediate CA:
(Certificate data)

Thawte Test CA Root certificate:
(Certificate data)


Installing your certificate

Installation instructions for a range of web server solutions
are available on our support site here:

Remember, install your trial certificate on test or development
servers only. The trial SSL certificate is intended for testing
purposes only.


Your Thawte advisor will be in touch during the next
few days but if you need any immediate assistance please
feel free to contact us by calling, sending an e-mail or
making use of our live chat facility below.

Thank you for your interest in thawte!

The Thawte Team

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Try following the instructions in the link at the bottom of the email. – NickW Mar 15 '13 at 15:47
@NickW - Looks like the Thawte documentation page doesn't have instructions for their trial certificate on the table of instructions.… – Tim Brigham Mar 15 '13 at 16:00
Probably should not publicly post your certificates. – Brad Patton Mar 15 '13 at 16:04
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Sorry, I'm not reading that wall-o-text you posted.

  1. Copy-n-paste your Public Key into a text file on your computer. Something like C:\XAMPP\SSL\Public.pem. Notepad works fine.
  2. Download the Certificate Bundle/Chain from Thwarte:
    Save it in the same directory as #1
  3. Move your Private Key, the one you used to generate the CSR, to the same folder as #1. Call it Private.pem or something logical.

Now you've got your keys... Next configure Apache.

In your httpd.conf file:

SSLCertificateFile C:\XAMPP\SSL\Public.pem SSLCertificateKeyFile C:\XAMPP\SSL\Private.pem SSLCertificateChainFile C:\XAMPP\SSL\SSL123_CA_Bundle.pem

File names and locations subject to change depending on what you did in the above steps.

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