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I'm a new Mac user. When I 1st opened Safari, I changed the home page and therefore the top sites. I want to go back to the default home page/top sites that was set at the factory. It showed a lot of news sources, CNN, etc that my husband wants to see, and I can't figure how to get back to it. Does anyone know the default?

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The home page is:

But if you want to reset the top sites, Click on the Safari menu, Reset Safari and uncheck all but "Reset Top Sites" and click the Reset button.

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The reset didn't go back for me. I think I need to add the "news" choice back to the bookmark bar – Jody M Oct 17 '09 at 19:52

Preferences -> General -> There you can choose the default home page and choose with what page does a new tab or a new window opens i.e. : Top Sites.

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Top Sites is designed to change as you use the internet — it shows your most-visited websites, and it will constantly change.

You can find the stock Apple sites in your bookmarks.

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Clear your history using Safari -> Reset Safari (Check clear history) and then Quit Safari (apple key + Q) simply closing the windows does not quit Safari.

Launch Finder and goto: your-home-folder > Library > Safari and delete TopSites.plist

This will reset the Top Sites with the defaults. Restart Safari.

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It said the folder can't be found – Jody M Oct 17 '09 at 20:52

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