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I know that you can refer to script-local functions using <SID> but what about script-local variables? I tried the following, and hitting <c-space> fails:

let s:testVar = "foo"
function! s:GetTestVar()
  return s:testVar

nnoremap <space> :echo <SID>GetTestVar()<cr>
nnoremap <c-space> :echo <SID>testVar<cr>

You can get around this by writing accessor functions (as above) but sometimes it would be nice to be able to refer directly.

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No, script-local variables are indeed private to the script. You have to write an accessor function indeed.

In plugins, this isn't so much an issue, because they should separate the functions (and with them the script's state variables) into autoload scripts, so mappings / commands (defined in the plugin script) have to refer to another script, anyway.

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