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Today, I performed a system wide scan for rootkits using the rkhunter --check command. All results were ok, with the exception of a warning:

[10:14:30] Warning: The command '/usr/bin/unhide.rb' has been replaced by a script: /usr/bin/unhide.rb: Ruby script, ASCII text

The final results were:

[10:15:53] System checks summary
[10:15:53] =====================
[10:15:53] File properties checks...
[10:15:53] Files checked: 130
[10:15:53] Suspect files: 1
[10:15:53] Rootkit checks...
[10:15:53] Rootkits checked : 242
[10:15:53] Possible rootkits: 0
[10:15:53] Applications checks...
[10:15:53] All checks skipped
[10:15:53] The system checks took: 1 minute and 43 seconds
[10:15:53] Info: End date is Sat Mar 16 10:15:53 IST 2013

Since I'm a newbie here, I don't get the warning. Should I be worried about that or is it just an anomaly ?

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This warning is very common, and has been reported as a bug:

The warning is nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for letting me know!! – Prahlad Yeri Mar 16 '13 at 8:09

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