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I want to find the Maximum of a Sum of 2 Cells in a Line where in Column B is a specific identifying string. On this

A           B           C           D     

1           Sx          7           1           
2           Sx          3           6        
3           Eur         3           5         
4           AK1         4           5        
5           AK1         4           5       

when searching for Sx it should return 9. The search string is specified in a named range of the dimension 1x1 (one cell). I cant figure out a way to do this with the standard Excel functions.

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The easy answer is to add another column (E) to sum C and D and then use an array formula like


confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

or without a helper column you can use this "array formula"


.....or another array formula option.....


for that to work C1:D5 must be fully populated with numbers

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Your first approach is working great. Thanks for that. Follow up question is: How can I clone other cells in the same line where the MAX is found or the whole line? – Higgns Mar 19 '13 at 20:10

You could also try this array formula:



identifier points to a cell that contains your search string

Example / Result (formula entered in cell H2):

Using array formula to get maximum conditional sum

Don't forget to commit it using Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

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