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OK ... here is the deal ... I replaced my current drive C with a brand new drive and installed Windows 7 on the new drive. I took the old Drive C: and added it to a different SATA port and made it Drive E: I then renamed the Program Files folder to BillyBobProgramFiles and then tried to delete the folder ... to no avail. I ran into the TrunstedInstaller problem.

I then took control of the files and gave myself full access. I then rebooted the computer. I then signed back on as myself "CTB_DESKTOP\CTBlankenship" (which in and of itself has "Administrator" privledges) and tried to delete the folder again. I get the error message "You must get permission from 'CTB_DESKTOP\CTBlankenship" to delete these files'. I'm stumped. How can I get permission from myself to delete the files I want to delete?

Thanks in advance ... Windows 7 is great ... but they sure did make some actions stupid hard to perform.

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This should work: superuser.com/a/423821/96662 –  Harry Johnston Mar 19 '13 at 3:01
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