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I have recorded screencast video with GtkRecordMyDesktop, in ogg format. Microphone was wrongly placed and recorded sound is very quiet. Is there any way to increase sound loudness?


When I try to convert video with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -vol 1280 lecture3_2013.16.09-loud.ogv

sound becomes louder, but video quality becomes poor. I can cut sound off the video and convert it:

ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -vn audio.ogg
ffmpeg -i audio.ogg -vol 1280 audio-loud.ogg

But when I merge it back into video:

ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -i audio-loud.ogg  lecture3_2013.16.09-loud.ogv

Quality becomes poor again :(


ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -vn audio.ogg
ffmpeg -i audio.ogg -vol 2048 audio-loud.ogg
ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -vcodec copy -an lecture3_2013.16.09-nosound.ogv
ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09-nosound.ogv -i audio-loud.ogg -vcodec copy lecture3_2013.16.09-loud.ogv
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Probably the easiest way would be to increase the volume by transcoding the file with a tool like ffmpeg. ffmpeg has the -vol flag for that. A value of 700 may be appropriate in your case. ffmpeg also has the ability to just passthrough the video so you dont loose any quality by increasing the audio volume.

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ffmpeg -i lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv -vol 512 -threads 4 loud-lecture3_2013.16.09.ogv Input file is 302mb, output file is 181mb. Sound became louder, but video quality became poor. What am I doing wrong? – Selivanov Pavel Mar 16 '13 at 20:32
just specify to copy the video but I see you already found that out :) – Professor Sparkles Mar 18 '13 at 1:51

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