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I use Notational Velocity for keeping notes. I love the speed and simplicity but I'd like to make adding images easier and less relient on a local file system. I've tried to use Evernote but it's just too slow and complicated.

The process of adding an image would be;

  • Drag and drop image into document.
  • Image is auto uploaded to an online file host (dropbox, imgur, dropmark etc).
  • App creates markdown with url of uploaded image.
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You can write a Ruby on Rails App with JQuery File Upload, Carrierwave and Tiny MCE to do this fairly easily. – kobaltz Mar 16 '13 at 15:27
kobaltz, thanks. What about a pre-existing solution, preferable an app for OS X or Windows? – robflate Mar 18 '13 at 0:13

Ulysses III (for Mac only) can do this. You can drag and drop images from a web browser into a Dropbox folder and then onto the markdown page.

There is also this little menu bar tool onto which you can drag images from the web. I have never used it, but it looks like it does what you want.

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