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After opening the cmd.exe as usual, I suddenly see a weird thing: every output of any command that I enter that is related to my dev environment (ruby, git) in the cmd window is prefixed with the text: flashplayerplugin.

Interestingly, regular windows commands such as ver, dir work normally.

I uninstalled any flash plugins I had and restarted Windows, I also ran CCleaner cleaning any garbage I had and fixing registry entries. Didn't help.

See screenshot here:

enter image description here

Any idea what's going on and how to fix it?

My setup: Windows 7 on laptop.
My dev environment: RailsInstaller (Ruby 1.93, Rails 3.2), Git 1.7, RubyMine

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Try and enter the command set to list all the environment variables. Does the problem occur with Powershell? – Pincopallino Mar 17 '13 at 9:36
SET works fine, no hint of any unusual params here. Powershell works fine as well – Mike Marsian Mar 17 '13 at 10:26
Have you tried an sfc /scannow for checking the system files? – Pincopallino Mar 17 '13 at 11:07
Ran sfc /scannow - no errors were found – Mike Marsian Mar 17 '13 at 14:44
Any chance you're using chocolatey? One thing I did today (which may be totally unrelated) is do a cinst mongodb – Josh Kodroff Mar 20 '13 at 23:11
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After burning almost a day on this I eventually found a solution:

Using PowerGrep (grep for Windows) I found that I had 2 installations of Flash plugin player: 32 bit version (which I of course removed), and 64 bit version, of which I had no idea. Uninstalling the 64bit version and restarting the system fixed the issue.

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I've uninstalled the Flash player that installed yesterday, guessing that's the 64-bit version. Where did you find the 32-bit version and how did you remove it? Just deleted a folder? I don't see an entry in Programs for it. – Tom Mar 19 '13 at 13:16
I used Power Grep to search for flashplayerplugin string in files - that's how I found it (don't remember the exact location, but I remember it was under Macromedia folder). Regarding the uninstall, it had uninstall executable in the same place where the flash was located. – Mike Marsian Mar 19 '13 at 13:23

The problem for me was a registry key added by AirFoil. Following the solution here worked:

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Excellent note! – sshow Apr 3 '15 at 6:40

I hate to leave this dead end for anyone else who comes to this question, but Mike Marsian's solution didn't work for me and I wound up using a System Restore to get me back to yesterday morning (and for once System Restore worked). I think my problem might have been that Chrome has its own copy of Flash. I actually discovered the problem wasn't unique to me via a conversation on Twitter with SourceTree if that provides any leads for people.

For anyone who winds up here, there's a similar Stack Overflow thread.

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