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OS - Windows 7 Home

I updated some virtualbox machine stuff (like upgrading the software and deleting some virtual machines and creating some new ones) and then updated some divx (that also installed some web-player, codec etc).

I was asked to reboot the computer after divx installation, so I did. After having BSOD a couple of times, the computer is now going to sleep after 2 minutes or so after I start it no matter what I do - bios, safe mode, normal, recovery disk, which also means I haven't able to log-into my computer ever since I installed/changed all this stuff but I did get as far as seeing windows logo.

So I don't know whether virtualbox did it or divx did it, but I am leaning towards divx. The update caused some motherboard-level virus-infection or maybe video card failed co-incidentally at the same time I updated Divx etc?!

How could I possibly fix it?

1)Tried different monitor 2)Tried resetting bios to default

I'm all willing to format my computer and such, except the computer will just go to sleep and I can't see anything! (By sleep, I mean it's still running and everything - I can tell by the loud fans at least. The monitor says - "entering power save" and then there is orange light instead of green on monitor's power button)

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Does it happen also when booting from the installation/recovery CD? If it does, do you have enough time to see the installation menu? – Ofir Luzon Mar 17 '13 at 11:21
@OfirLuzon Yes, it also happens when booting from installation/recovery cd. I do have enough time to see menu. – user Mar 18 '13 at 0:25
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I had similar problem, I had about 5 minutes until the monitor went into sleep mode (I also tried different monitors). I took a chance and reinstalled windows from the installation CD, the screen turned in the process.

I actually repeated it 3 times:

  1. I formated and set the pertitions I wanted. (screen went off, hard reboot after some quiet time)
  2. I initiated the installer, and randomly pressed Enter whenever the PC (fan) was quiet. (hard reboot after pressing Enter does not do anything (fan noise)
  3. Installed again, this time actually seeing the option I choose.

Keep in mind this is a long shot, and I did format my PC in the dark. I guess it could also go bad.

Good luck

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