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Suddenly, without making any changes to my hardware, my notebook doesn't boot anymore. After the BIOS, the screen goes blank and the system just reboots with no error message. I have multiple OS installed, so usually there is the Win7 OS selection screen. The boot process doesn't even get as far as this screen. Things I tried:

  • BIOS Reset
  • Booting into the EASEUS Boot CD does work. (this is a boot CD for disk partitioning). It does recognize the SSD and all partitions on it.
  • The SSD seems to be okay. When attached to another computer, it is readable.
  • The BIOS self-diagonstic (incl. memory test) showed no problems
  • Detaching all USB devices
  • Running with only one stick of RAM (tried both)

Any ideas what else I could try?

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You could try reinstalling your operating system.

It is possible that your hardware is completely fine and this is purely a software related error.

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Thanks a lot. I installed Windows 7 onto a VHD. The installation process apparently fixed my boot record, and now everything works again. – LTR Mar 17 '13 at 13:22

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