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In Google Chrome, when I type something to an textbox, such as my email address or an username for a website, Chrome remembers it. The next time I log in to that website, I just type some first letter and a drop-down menu appears let me choose the data i want to type. But sometimes It doesn't work. How can I add a text I want for Chrome auto complete it. Funny, I know to remove an entry, just choose it and press "del"; but don't know how to add. Thanks for your help.

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The other thing to remember is sometimes folks name their fields differently and Chrome has a hard time guessing which field is what, so you don't get a dropdown entry. – kmort Mar 18 '13 at 18:50

You can do it by creating address profile.

Go to google chrome settings ---> (scroll down) Show Advanced Settings ----> (scroll down) Under Passwords And Forms click Manage Auto Fill Settings ----> Add New Street Address ----> Enter required fields ----> Done :)

Also you can create multiple address profiles too. The profile details will fill out automatically in almost forms.

[ Ensure the Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click is ticked ]

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