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I have windows 8 and windows 7 installed in my system, yet I don't have a boot menu. When I load my computer it goes straight to windows 8.

I installed EasyBCD and tried to recreate the boot files but still don't see the boot menu. If I use ireboot I still can get to my windows 7 partition but it means first I have to load windows 8, reboot and then load windows 7.

Does anyone know why is this happening?

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Try Visual BCD Editor it has a built in utility to find all your Windows partitions and fix your Master Boot Record to include them, and then you should be able to dual boot.

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Visual BCD Editor is real nice, but it difficult to understand compared to EasyBCD. I have been working on my own USB Boot menu, and the menu is always missing (using EasyBCD), so I used Visual BCD Editor to take a look and can't find anything the matter. – bgmCoder Feb 8 at 20:09

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