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I have created a xampp page on Windows server 2008. I am successfully able to load the xampp page and other php pages that I have created using localhost:8080/.

Firstly : I want to know how can I access the xampp page from outside the local machine via some other computer connected through internet.

Secondly : Can I use my server name ( in place of localhost in the url to access the xampp page and other files.

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That depends on your Listen option in the httpd.conf / httpd-ssl.conf. If it is set to

apache will only listen and serve requests to that IP address. If there's only a statement present like

Listen 8080

it will listen on all interfaces by default and you will be able to reach your page by using your public IP address and the port number.

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Thanks. Also I found my port was blocked by ISP which i made unblocked. – storm Mar 18 '13 at 11:05

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