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If I were using Windows and wanted to use a database I would set up a WAMP server.

What can I use for Mac OS X?

I'm currently using SQLite via Mike's T Sqlite / Firefox addon for SQLite.

I would like to know what databases are available? (eg. MySQL for PHP, SQLite for PHP/iPhone). Are there any other database systems available that I can install? (For free?)

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You might want to ask your question on StackOverflow. There are many database developers there. Although, your question seems a bit vague. – J. Polfer Oct 17 '09 at 22:59
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Oracle's free database query tool is SQL Developer. It's written primarily in Java, so it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

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Both the primary open source SQL (relational) DBMS - MySQL and PostgreSQL - are readily available for Mac. So is Firebird.

Choose your DBMS - the chances are decent that it is available for Mac unless you insist on something from Microsoft. Go to its home site; look for it.

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MAMP is one of them.

I got the details from this question: PHP for Mac OS X

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