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I am converting an audio CD to OGG format by ripping it to WAV (using cdparanoia) and encoding it as OGG (using oggenc).

If I mux the WAV file to MKA with chapter timecodes as reported by cdparanoia -Q (the CD track timecodes) then when I play the resulting MKA file in vlc each chapter starts exactly in the right place. However, if I mux the OGG file instead of the WAV file the chapters start slightly too late, that is, vlc starts each chapter about 0.5-1.5 seconds into the track.

This problem can be resolved by manually adjusting the chapter timecodes after muxing, but I would like to know why this intervention is necessary.

I am using version 4.9.1 "Ich Will" of mkvmerge to mux from WAV/OGG to MKA and I am using version 2.0.3 "Twoflower" of vlc to play the files.

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