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I need help.
I have written a specific date, for eg 13/03/2013 in A1.
Now I want its corresponding weekday in A2 (i.e. 13/03/2013 (Wednesday).
In A3 I want it to show two days ahead (i.e. 15/03/2013).
If, however, the day in A2 is SUNDAY, then I want to add three days in A3. It should show 16/03/2013 (monday) in A3.

What functions/formulas should I use?

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Can you tell us what you've already tried? SuperUser is a place where we try to help those who themselves have tried to resolve something, but get stuck or run into a problem. You improve your chances of getting a response if you provide details of what you've already tried. This does two things; 1) lets us know you are willing to put in an effort and not expect someone else to just do it for you, and 2) helps us to not suggest what you've already tried. – CharlieRB Mar 18 '13 at 11:57

In A2


Or just use =A1 and format with custom format dddd.

In A3


If you want to show the date, format with your preferred date format. If you want to show the weekday, format with custom format dddd.

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