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Configuration :

Mac OSX 10.7.5 on a Mac Mini mid 2010.


I installed MobileGo a while ago, a backup solution for Android, and I am using Spotify for music streaming. Important : I am also using Soundsticks speakers to output my music by USB.


This morning, I noticed that my speakers were acting weird, the music played for ± 2 minutes, and then stopped : no more sound on the speakers. I had to unplug / replug to get it work again (for 2 extra minutes).

I checked the console, and I have noticed these error triggered every 1m40s :

18/03/13 09:27:06,762 (com.wondershare.mobilegodaemon[3455]) posix_spawn("/Users/mjugan12/Library/Application Support/wondershare_mobilego/", ...): Permission denied

18/03/13 09:27:06,763 (*com.wondershare.mobilegodaemon[*3455]) Exited with code: 1 18/03/13

09:27:06,764 (com.wondershare.mobilegodaemon) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

Result: exact same timing than my speakers' breaks.

Note : this error happens even if my speakers are unplugged || Spotify is not launched.


  1. I uninstalled MobileGo and MobileGoDaemon with AppZapper. Didn't fixed, but I now have :

    18/03/13 10:18:47,866 (com.wondershare.mobilegodaemon[8011]) posix_spawn("/Users/mjugan12/Library/Application Support/wondershare_mobilego/", ...): No such file or directory

    I though AppZapper would have remove all the daemon calls, but no.

  2. I've found this and this topics, searched for any pList about MobileGoDaemon, didn't find anything else.

  3. Last step, I located (505 is my user ID) in private/var/db/launchdb.db/, found the override.plist, and didn't see com.wondershare.mobilegodaemon anywhere. I tried to add :


    <dict> <key>Disabled</key> <true/> </dict>

    But no luck...

If somebody has any clue about what's going on, please help!

If you want further informations (logs or stuff), I'll post it ASAP.

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