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OwnCloud 5 is now out but the Updater addin doesn't offer to upgrade.

Does anyone familiar with the roadmap know if the updater is going to support the upgrade or if the major version change is out-of-scope of that project?

Otherwise, can you explain how to upgrade manually without having access to the shell? I'm using some cheap hosting but it's working well so far.

  • What preparations to take?
  • What files to delete/keep?
  • I keep the file repository root outside of the site root - anything special for that?
  • I don't want to lose my username setup.


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I think I saw on the mailing list somwhere that there will be an update from 4.5.x to 5.0.x... I will post the link here if I find it again. As far as I can remember, there will be some more time waiting for major bugs before the upgrade link to 5.0 is released - as there were quite a few in the 5.0.[0-2] releases, hopefully most of them are now resolved with the 5.0.3 release.

The basic upgrading process is described here: (use the "Upgrade" instructions!). Most of your questions should be answered there, I'll try a quick summary:

  • Preparations: Backup your data, owncloud files and database! Then follow the steps described there (it's not that many ;))
  • Files to delete/keep: from the owncloud directory you can delete everything except for the config directory (and possibly the data directory, but you say you got that outside of the owncloud dir - if you mean what's configured with the "datadirectory" setting by that, then you probably don't even have a data folder anyway It should be no problem to copy the files via FTP, you don't need shell access.
  • file repo outside of root: Should be considered automatically in the upgrade, all the settings will be kept!
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