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I've installed a bare-bones Debian Sid under VirtualBox on a Windows 7 laptop. I've done this so I have a handy Linux development box when I'll be on the road next month. However I'm having trouble getting the key mapping to work correctly. My (shift+2) " and @ (shift + ') and | (shift + ) keys don't work.

I've tried this under the console as well as withing a rxvt terminal under a window manager on the guest. I've run "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard configuration" and set my keyboard up as both 101 and 104 generic PC keyboards with GB key-mappings but they all exhibit the same broken behaviour.

According to showkeys:

Keycode 54 (shift) + 40 is @ (should be ")
Keycode 54 (shift) + 3 is " (should be @)
Keycode 54 (shift) + 43 is ~ (should be |)

So are the keycodes going from VirtualBox to the console wrong or has the keymaping failed to take on the guest?

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Obviously solved this 5 minutes after posting the question. It turned out the Windows 7 laptop had been configured for South Africa. Although this didn't affect the keys sent to notepad (which worked as I expected) it did mess up Virtual Box. Once I fixed the keyboard in Windows "Region and Language" everything worked properly.

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