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I tried to install Windows 8 on a computer. I had some problems, so these are the steps I ended up taking:

  1. Install Windows 8 over Windows 7
  2. I got confused and installed Windows 8 again xP
  3. When the OS was starting, it never got to the login screen - it would just sit at a blank blue screen after loading
  4. I used the installation disc to repair the OS

Now Windows 8 is working correctly, but I'm bothered because I never saw any screens during the installation process that let me set up the default account or prepare any other settings. When the log-in screen appears, I don't know what information to put in to log in.

So here are the questions I have:

  1. Am I supposed to see any screens asking me to configure Windows before installation is completely finished?
  2. Is there a default username and password I can use to log into my machine or some way to connect to an on-line account that will give me administrator access over my machine to set up a local account?
  3. Would it be worth re-installing Windows 8 one more time to make sure I see the configuration options?

EDIT: I just finished talking to Microsoft support about the issue. The technician told me this:

I see, this issue is normally related to Sony and Dell computers, basically the Video Driver is not available on the PC, so I recommend you to contact them, in order to get the instructions to access the PC and install the Drivers !

I have a Sony Vaio, so now I'm off to talk to Sony...

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Can you boot into the new O/S? Or even safe mode and see what accounts are there? It may be that it’s using the same NT accounts from the previous O/S and bypassing it, especially if it’s checking the TPM.

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I am able to boot into Windows 8, but when I tried my old Windows 7 username and password, it didn't work. Thank you, though! – Kevin Mar 18 '13 at 21:49
Is there a list of accounts in compmgmt or displayed with command [net user]? – Ben Lavender Mar 18 '13 at 21:55
That didn't seem to work, either. I couldn't get to a command line in the OS, so I used a command line from the installation disk's "repair OS" options. The command said that it had an error executing. – Kevin Mar 18 '13 at 22:34
Okay I’d try run the sfc /scannow command and see if it replaces the files, your O/S doesn’t look to have installed correctly. – Ben Lavender Mar 18 '13 at 22:36
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The computer I installed Windows 8 on is a Sony Vaio VPCF122FX. According to Sony's website, the computer doesn't support Windows 8. I'm going to try installing Windows 8 one more time and see if I can't "force" it to work, and if that doesn't help, I'll go back to Windows 7.

EDIT: After reinstalling Windows 8 one more time, everything worked.

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