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I'd like to organize my firefox windows so that each window has a group of related tabs.

e.g.One for email, one for research, one for task tracking (using our web based task tracking tool)

So that I can see at a glance which window I'm looking at, is there a firefox plugin to change the background on a per window basis?

Also, is there any plugin that could keep my tabs in order (i.e. make sure only the right tabs are allowed in the right window)

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Have you tried pressing Ctrl+Shift+E and using the in-built Panorama/Tab Groups feature? – Karan Mar 19 '13 at 0:52
No I hadn't, but that looks incredibly cool! – officeworker Mar 19 '13 at 6:50

Firefox Panorama/Tab Groups was removed (1) from Version 45 and similar functionality can be found by adding panorama add on (2) to V45+. "Allasso's Tab Group Helper"(3) will provide a superior feature set and works with earlier version of Firefox. In TGH order of tabs within tabgroup is maintained when a group is opened. As to multiple window management best to use TMP (I use it) or SM and keep a saved snapshot just in case Firefox has a tab glitch.




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This seems like an ad for these add-ons – Ramhound Mar 27 at 17:30

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