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I'm trying to run Feross' SpoofMAC on every startup but it not work. I have followed every instructions and have made sure of that because been doing this for like 5 hours. I even tried Googling for answers, some showed method of using LoginHook and rc.common which I have no idea about. I added the required files in the below folder on Mac


Even permissions are correctly set according to the ReadMe provided on the website. I have tried finding a solution for the past 5 hours but can't find a way. It seems items in /Library/StartupItems won't run or execute. I did not see any Terminal window flash during startup. Do help with this issue, thanks.

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You should create a LaunchAgent to have a specific task run on login. See an example there

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Does this work if I want to run it as root? – Nil Mar 20 '13 at 0:51

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