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In Emacs org-mode, C-c C-c runs org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c, which, on a checkbox [ ], changes its state to [X]. But it also leaves the point where it was, in the now-checked checkbox.

Is there a command that changes the checkbox state, then jumps to the NEXT checklist item?

Even better, is there a single keybinding that changes the state of EITHER a checkbox or a TODO, depending on where the point is, then jumps to the next checkbox or TODO?

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There isn't any built-in command that will do so, however you can combine the commands for org-toggle-checkbox and org-next-item (with a quick check to ensure it is a checkbox) to get the desired behaviour.

(defun zin/org-checkbox-next ()
  (when (org-at-item-checkbox-p)

There may be a way to also deal with TODO entries, however it would be more error prone since it would not stop at the end of a list/level of headlines.

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Amazing. And how to bind this function to C-c C-c when in a checkbox item? – incandescentman Apr 17 '14 at 22:47

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