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I want to assign a color to bullets without changing the text color. For the moment, to do it :

  • I change the text color which changes the bullet color
  • Then I re-change the text color except the first character, so the bullet remains colored
  • Finally I delete the first character and I rewrite it uncolored

Is there a faster and easier way to only change the bullet color?

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If you want to change specific bullet you can do the following;

  1. Select the bullet point(s) to change, then right click of the selected point(s) and select Bullets and Numbering... from the menu

    Change specific bullet formatting

  2. From the Bullets and Numbering window, select the Graphic tab, and choose a colour bullet. I've tried looking through the menu, but couldn't find another of changing the bullet colour other than using a graphic.

    Select a graphic for a bullet style

Further still you could modify the style for the bullet points, perhaps allowing you to switch between styles much easier. Click F11 to bring up the Style and Formatting window, then select the List Styles icon, and modify or create any style you want there. This blog post might be of interest for further reading, World Label Blog - 9 Tricks for Using List Styles in LibreOffice/

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Thanks for your answer. Changing the bullet style in «Bullet and Numbering» → «Options» tab is the solution to my problem. It allows to change the font size, font and color of the bullets only. – Nicolas Mar 29 '13 at 9:35

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