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I would like to have the option to right-click on a mailto: link in Safari and tell it to open in another mail client. Currently I have Outlook set as my default mail client as that is my work client, but I use Sparrow as my personal email. I would like to be able to click the mailto: links on Craigslist ads and get all the goodness of the pre-filled email fields, but in Sparrow.

There is a very similar question posed here: Open link in Firefox via contextual menu using Applescript

Unfortunately I don't understand AppleScript well enough to understand the variables involved. If anyone can help explain it to me I'd really appreciate it!

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You can just drag and drop mailto links to Sparrow or Mail.

I tried making a service like this, but it didn't seem to work with mailto URLs:

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Works great, thanks. – volvo64 Mar 20 '13 at 16:46

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