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I have a system attached by two ports to a DHCP server which gives out the following information:

Port 1  
Ip Address     Mask                 Gateway

Port 2
Ip Address Mask Gateway

From this the system needs to create a valid routing table for the Ip traffic.

At present the routing table looks like this:

Destination    Mask               Gateway     0xffffff80   0xffffffc0

However this does not work presumably because there is no defined route to the port address.

The question is what should the routing table from this sort of DHCP request look like, based on the need to route traffic to the two gateways?

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The answer appears to be to setup gateways with different subnet masks. So the routing table would look something like this

Destination      Mask       Gateway            0xffffffc0          0xffffff80          0      0xffffff80    0xffffffc0

The data is routed to the various gateway by the subnet mask

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