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At the moment if I use 'o', then the inserted line is auto-indented properly. Should I do '2o' however (followed by esc to realise it), I'm of course not in insert mode and the cursor is unindented. This is quite tedious.

How am I best to deal with this problem? Ideally I'd like to end up correctly indented and in insert mode after '2o' (or some equally convenient combination) - no doubt this is a problem others have encountered and solved.

Thanks in advance.

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Just hit <Enter> after o. – romainl Mar 20 '13 at 15:11

I'm not sure what behavior you want in general. I would do what romainl suggested. You might also try this:

:set indentexpr=indent(prevnonblank(v:lnum-1))

That will cause any line you add to be indented the same as the previous non-blank line.

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