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I'm looking for a iPhoto plugin that would allow me to easily upload photos from iPhoto to my Flickr Pro account. Ideally such a plugin would allow you to:

  • Uploaded selected photos only in their full size.
  • Manage Flicker sets.
  • Just work and give no hassle.

Advice is welcome for both free an reasonably priced plugins.



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For which operating system? – harrymc Nov 24 '10 at 11:32
@harrymc. It's safe to assume OSX. iPhoto does not have a Windows version. – BinaryMisfit Nov 30 '10 at 8:08
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Have you considered FlickrExport?


FlickrExport for iPhoto provides a comprehensive set of features for getting your images from iPhoto to Flickr:

  • Edit photo titles and descriptions, and add tags to them.
  • Save time – FlickrExport can update iPhoto's database with the titles and descriptions you give your photos.
  • Save your Flickr bandwidth allowance – FlickrExport for iPhoto can resize your photos before uploading.
  • Create a new photoset with your photos, or add them to an existing photoset.
  • Automatically send your photos to a Group Pool on Flickr.
  • Choose from a list of your Flickr tags and add them to your photos before uploading.


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