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Somewhere in the code, I've forgotten std::cout<< which is now messing up my console. But my code us full of commented debug outputs and VC++ searches through all of them, making it impossible to find my problem.
I think it could be solved with the regular expression option in search dialog. Have you any idea, what pattern should I use to avoid searching cout in //comment and /*comment*/?

How to ignore comments while searching text in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express?

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^[^/*]*std::cout<< should find any occurrence of std::cout<< that doesn’t have any slashes or asterisks to its left.  Notes: (1) If you’re using / to initiate your search, you will probably need to put a backslash before the slash in the regex.  (2) This will not find code to the right of a */.  (3) If you write multiple statements on a line, this regex will be messed up by anything in a statement to the left of the one you’re looking for.

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Ad (3): Not only that, this code also will not work for // and I'm afraid it will require no spaces between comment and command. But this cold maybe fixed using [ ]*. – Tomáš Zato Mar 21 '13 at 12:06
@TomášZato: I don’t understand you. I just tested it (in vi) and it worked correctly for //, and I really have no idea what you mean by “it will require no spaces between comment and command.” I already said that my regex will not find code to the right of a */. Please explain. – Scott Mar 21 '13 at 17:12

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