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Basically I want to disable all the cookies, except a few (white list).

The few that I want to allow, should only be allowed as first party, not third.

If I'm unchecking "Allow Cookies" in firefox, and add as exception a few sites, those sites have both first and third party cookies.

How can I allow only first party cookies for those site in Firefox and Internet Explorer?

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Firefox cookie settings are found under Tools > Options > Privacy. Uncheck "Accept third-party cookies" and click OK.

To do so in Internet Explorer 8, click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced. Select Block under Third-party Cookies and click OK twice.

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For Firefox you can try add-ons such as Cookie Controller or Cookie Monster:



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For IE I don't think there's anything similar available. There used to be a No More Cookies add-on, but I don't think it offered the same level of fine-grained control and anyway, the site's disappeared and it's unlikely the add-on still works with new versions of the browser. – Karan Mar 21 '13 at 19:17

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