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Every time I play a video or video podcast in iTunes, it looks like this:

enter image description here

The audio sounds okay but I can't see any video. I have this problem with pretty much every version of iTunes. Any ideas?

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From Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows XP and 2000 video playback performance issues:

  • Check your system requirements
  • Update your software
  • Increase Display Color Quality
  • Disable Direct3D video acceleration in QuickTime
  • Disable DirectX in QuickTime
  • Modify your System Drive Configuration

The article contains detailed explanations with screenshots.
Although mentioning Windows XP, the advice given is still more or less correct for Vista & 7.

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link doesn't work – leora Oct 18 '09 at 14:03
I switched from Direct3D to safe GDI and that fixed the issue – leora Oct 18 '09 at 14:19
@oo: Link fixed. You can undo your down-vote. – harrymc Oct 18 '09 at 14:58
done with upvote – leora Oct 18 '09 at 15:02

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